Criminal Background Reports

Provide protection for your company and avoid costly risk. By performing a background check you:

Provide a safe environment

Reduce turnover cost

Eliminate high cost of new hires

Perform due diligence

Reduce risk of legal liabilities 

Comply with new mandates,  State and Federal laws

Cut Pre-Screening research time in half with these valuable online reports:

Nationwide Criminal Search

Motor Vehicle Report

Sex offender Search

I-9 Verification

Identity Verification

Employment Credit Report


Consumer direct page is an online form where credit applicants can order their own credit report while talking to an originator at a branch location, while on the go, or even from the comfort of their home. By placing control directly in the hands of consumers , the process of applying for credit becomes simpler and more convenient than ever before.  Within minutes, applicants can provide their information, agree to any necessary disclosures, and order their credit report for originators to immediately review. This incredible ease and efficiency makes SmartPay an indispensable feature for your customers in today’s market!

  • Charge the Company or the Borrower for the credit report. Borrowers can input their own Credit Card information.
  • Send a copy of Disclosures and Scores straight to the applicant reducing compliance liability.


SmartSelect is a cascade Bureau selection option that allows the ability to configure which bureau to order and upgrade based on a specific set of guidelines. Such as criteria for Score, bankruptcy filing, delinquent child support, defaulted student loans, etc..

Credit Certification Course

Want to become a Certified Credit Expert?  This course from NCRA
covering areas of the law regarding FCRA, FACTA Act, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act,
Red Flag Rules and the National Credit Repository End User Regulations.
Passing the course will give you this Certification.