Credit Reports

Tri-Merge or Bi-Merge (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion)

Access to any combination of Bureaus

All three Classic Fico Scores-Trended Data

New Scores coming FICO 10T Vantage 4.0

Soft PreQual, Soft PreApproval, Hard Pull

Delivered within seconds from anywhere around the world

Custom format design

Interfaces with Loan Origination Systems

Fraud alerts 

Decoding-of Creditors

Dedupe-duplicates automatically deleted

Summary-of Accounts and Balances

Added Features

Permanent Unmerge Feature for Reissue to the GSE’s

Unmerged Report to view and print only

Letter of Explanation-for Borrower

Consumer Copy of Credit Report for Borrower may be printed in  (English, Spanish, and Chinese)

Credit card payment option: For items that may be paid by the Borrower. Does not apply to Re-Scores or Soft Pre-Quals