Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

This product allows you to monitor the mortgage applicants for any kind of activity on their credit report such as new trades, inquiries, public records and any similar type of activity during the loan application.

Tax Transcripts (4506-C)

Advantage Plus Credit accelerates and simplifies the lending process while providing an unparalleled level of transaction securityand fraud prevention.

As compliance standards continue to rise, Advantage Plus Credit provides the industry’s fastest and most secure method of 4506-C income verification processing direct from the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Robust Technology
    Unique Features

    • Fastest turnaround times- 90% completed in 24 hours!
    • Reports red flag alerts
    • Easy online order tracking
    • Speeds the loan approval process
  • Benefits
    • Eliminates errors and reduces delays
    • Reduces fraudulent activity
    • Helps avoid the guesswork of public and government agencies

SSA 89

  • The only way to 100% verify a SSN directly through the Social Security Administration
  • Requires borrower’s consent
  • Provides “Match” “No Match” or “Deceased” result
  • Turnaround time within one hour
  • US Patriot Act Compliant
  • Fulfills FACTA Red Flag Rule requirements

Identity Verification Products

These additional identity verification products verify name, address, SSN’s etc.

  • Social Security Search
  • Trace Plus
  • Total ID
  • Detec
  • ID Search Plus
  • Precise ID

Lien and Judgement Reports

As of 2017 Public records were removed from the National Credit Bureaus.

Obtaining this report you maximize your search with reliable data from both Lexis Nexis and Pitchpoint.


Comprehensive Loan Risk Report-please see sample

Download ADV-120 Sample Report